Tenorshare Photo Recovery

Tenorshare Photo Recovery

It allows you to recover lost photos, video and audio files
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Tenorshare Photo Recovery allows you to recover lost photos, video and audio files from your PC. I believe everyone, at least once in their life, was in a situation when they accidentally deleted a precious document without even realizing it. Or they might have lost some important photos while transferring them from camera to PC. No matter what caused the loss of the pictures, the harsh reality is you can’t find your important files anymore. In situations like this, Tenorshare Photo Recovery comes to the rescue. You just choose what you want to restore - only photos, music, videos, or all files - and then you start the scanning process of the selected disk, whereby the program finds the files it can restore.

The only problem is that this tool doesn’t allow you to look for files you lost at a definite moment in the past. For instance, if you think you might have deleted an important file about a week ago, you won’t be able to start the recovery process from that point, you will have to put up with all the available files the program manages to find. What’s more, while restoring your files, you can’t move the window and you can’t even minimize it. You are a 'prisoner' of this program, without being able to open other applications. Also something strange took place when my restoring process ended: there were some foreign files among the restored ones, which looked more like cookies or avatars.

In general, Tenorshare Photo Recovery is a program you might need sometime in the future. However, you are not allowed to test all its features in the trial version, so there's no way to see if it will actually work for you until you purchase the full version. For this reason, I refrain myself from expressing a positive or negative opinion about this program.

Iuliana Arama
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  • Easy to use
  • Recovers photos, videos or audio files


  • Can't recover files from a definite moment in the past
  • During scanning, the minimize option is not available
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